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Elizabeth Aranda, PhD

Founding Co-Chair |

Director, Im/migrant Well-Being Research Center

Professor of Sociology, University of South Florida

Areas of Expertise: Latinos | DACA | Race & Ethnicity | Undocumented | Puerto Rico

Dr. Elizabeth Aranda's research addresses migrants' emotional well-being and how they adapt to challenges posed by racial and ethnic inequalities, legal status, and other challenges associated with adaptation in a new place. She has published two books, Emotional Bridges to Puerto Rico: Migration, Return Migration, and the Struggles of Incorporation (2006), and, with Hughes and Sabogal, she is lead author of the book, Making a Life in Multiethnic Miami: Immigration and the Rise of a Global City (2014). Her current work is a) on the lives of undocumented young adults in Florida and how they navigate the terrain of immigration policies and inclusion/exclusion, and b) how Puerto Rican post-disaster migrants construct home in new places. She has been the recipient of three National Science Foundation awards totaling nearly 1 million dollars.


Recent Publications_1.png

Legal and Ethnoracial Consciousness: Perceptions of Immigrant Media Narratives Among the Latino Undocumented 1.5 Generation

Recent Publications_2.png

Undocumented Again? DACA Rescission, Emotions, and Incorporation Outcomes among Young Adults

Recent Publications_3.png

Shifting Roles in Families of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Recipients and Implications for the Transition to Adulthood

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