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Apply to become a Member

To apply to be considered for membership in the Collaborative, please submit a short piece aimed at public and/or policy consumption – e.g. an op-ed, policy brief, or white paper – that is related to im/migrant well-being and based on your original research. Applicants may submit full drafts; accepted pieces will receive editorial support from the Collaborative before they are published.


Deadline: Rolling

To ensure we can appropriately support our members, the Collaborative is limiting membership for the current academic year, however, other opportunities to engage will be available throughout the year for non-members, as well.

How should I format my submission?
Please upload your submission as a Word document via the Google Form linked in the submission form.

Is there a word or page limit? 

There is no formal word or page limit, however, pieces should be an appropriate length for non-academic consumption. In general, policy briefs and op-eds are less than 800 words. 

Thank you for submitting!

If you have problems with this form, submit your application to with subject: Collaborative Application

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