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Mneesha Gellman, PhD 


Associate Professor of Political Science, Emerson College  

Areas of Expertise: Human Rights | Democratization | Education Policy 

Dr. Mneesha Gellman is associate professor of political science in the Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts and Interdisciplinary Studies at Emerson College, in the United States. Her three monographs are Misrepresentation and Silence in United States History Textbook: The Politics of Historical Oblivion; Indigenous Language Politics in the Schoolroom: Cultural Survival in Mexico and the United States; and Democratization and Memories of Violence: Ethnic Minority Social Movements in Mexico, Turkey, and El Salvador. The founder and director of the Emerson Prison Initiative, which brings a Bachelor’s degree pathway to incarcerated students in Massachusetts, Dr. Gellman is also the editor of Education Behind the Wall: Why and How We Teach in Prison, and co-editor of Unlocking Potential: Education in Prison Around the World. Dr. Gellman is President (2023-2024) of the Human Rights section of the American Political Science Association, and comments publicly on human rights issues in El Salvador and Mexico, where she does ongoing research on the politics of violence. Dr. Gellman serves as an expert witness on Mexico and El Salvador in asylum proceedings in US immigration courts. 

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